Monday, November 24, 2008

808s && Heartbreak In St0res N0w!!!!!

This Kanye's f0urth studi0 album. 0n this album is will be t0uching al0t 0f pers0nal subjects that has occurred in his life. Y0u've pr0bably heard his singles "L0ve L0ckd0wn" && "Heartless" which is taking 0ver the airwaves. G0 0ut and c0p!!!

D0 y0u Remember???

Petey Pablo!!!!!

Freek A Leek - Petey Pablo

s0ng 0f the day:: "sPazz" by: N.E.R.D

Spazz - N.E.R.D.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

D0 y0u Remember????


Shake Ya Ass - Mystikal

Game In The XB0X:: Gears 0f War 2

I give this game a 10 0ut 0f 10!!! The 0nline play is awesome. The st0ry m0de is awesome. Y0u have t0 play the first Gears 0f War t0 be prepared f0r the sec0nd. Its al0t of acti0n and unexpected creatures. I suggesti0n y0u get it and gunbutt and chainsaw L0cust all day!!!

s0ng 0f the day:: L0ve Hang0ver:: Kidz In The Hall feat Estelle

Love Hangover - Kidz In The Hall feat Estelle

I fell in l0ve with the s0ng the first time I heard it. I truly l0ve the s0ng && the artist thats in this s0ng.

Excitement!!! Bi0sh0ck 2!!!!

I'm s0000 excited ab0ut Bi0sh0ck 2! I'm a huge fan 0f the first Bi0sh0ck..I've been w0ndering if a sec0nd was g0nna be created after beating Bi0sh0ck the first time!!! I'm n0t quite sure when Bi0sh0ck 2 w0uld be c0ming 0ut but i'm g0nna be l00k 0ut f0r it f0r sure!!!!