Monday, December 15, 2008

::Game in the xb0x::

--Call 0f Duty:: w0rld @ war--

I l0ve all the Call 0f Duties...they're s000 realistic...

im s00000 tired 0f....

--Chris Br0wn&&Rihanna--

ahhhhhhh! they are getting 0n my nerves..they have yet t0 tell the w0rld that they are in a relati0nship.....this public display 0f affecti0n makes my st0mach hurt...theyre always t0gether...i mean always...f0r s0me reas0n i'm just tired 0f them...

::s0ng 0f the day:: "Thats n0t my Name" By:: The Ting Tings

Thats Not My Name - The Ting Tings

I first heard this s0ng 0n the Vict0ria Secret Fashi0n Sh0w...&& I fell in l0ve with it!!! I h0pe y0u enj0y it als0...
I l0ve the Ting Tings n0w!

Monday, November 24, 2008

808s && Heartbreak In St0res N0w!!!!!

This Kanye's f0urth studi0 album. 0n this album is will be t0uching al0t 0f pers0nal subjects that has occurred in his life. Y0u've pr0bably heard his singles "L0ve L0ckd0wn" && "Heartless" which is taking 0ver the airwaves. G0 0ut and c0p!!!

D0 y0u Remember???

Petey Pablo!!!!!

Freek A Leek - Petey Pablo

s0ng 0f the day:: "sPazz" by: N.E.R.D

Spazz - N.E.R.D.